About Me

Jiu(Joe) XU (徐玖) is currently working as a Deep Learning/Computer Vision Algorithm Engineer at Apple, Inc. in Cupertino, CA.

His research interest covers:
Computer Vision: Object Detection and Tracking, Image Retrieval and Classification, AR VR and 3D Reconstruction
Machine Learning: Convolutional Neural Network, Recurrent Neural Network


2018.10: Dense ByNet-SR at ICIP2018 as oral presentation.

2018.05: Join Apple Inc. as a computer vision algorithm engineer at Cupertino, CA.
2018.05: Dense ByNet-SR paper is accepted at ICIP2018 (oral)
2018.02:  Source code released for our ICIP2017 paper “ByNet-SR: Image Super Resolution with a Bypass Connection Network” [Code]
2017.11:  R-FP dataset from our MVA 2017 paper “Parsing Floor Plan Images” Released [Dataset]
2017.11:  MVA video on Youtube [Video]
2017.09: ICIP2017 is held in Beijing, China. (news)

2017.08: One paper accepted at ICCV2017 workshop
2017.05: ByNet-SR paper is accepted at ICIP2017
2017.03: WACV2017 is held in Santa Rosa, CA, USA
2017.02: “Parsing Floor Plan Images”  accepted at MVA2017 (Oral)
2016.12: Pano2CAD paper accepted at WACV2017
2016.11: Attended ACCV2016, we have a nice booth for RIT
2016.10: Attended CEATEC2016 as an exhibitor, articles from press (MyNavi News), news on Rakuten Todays
2016.09: Pano2CAD paper on arXiv! (pub)